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​Top Shelf Mexican food Restaurant & Cantina

Your local neighborhood stop for fresh made Mexican food in the Northwest valley.

"Life without Mexican food is like no life at all."- unknown

Top Shelf Chicken Fajitas

Truth be told, the best way to prepare a great Mexican meal is at home with pots simmering, oven oozing savory smells and your family helping with the preparation.  That's fine for the holidays, but what about for a hot day in August?  Or the perfect day in February?  Cooking Mexican comfort food comes at a cost- your time.  At Top Shelf we give you that time back.

At Top Shelf we create that home-style cooking without the mess or loss of valuable time. Our creative cooks get started early every morning putting together fresh, homemade salsa (mild AND hot) , slow cooking our quality meat, hatching fresh green and red chili for our succulent sauces and entrees.  We 'just say no" to canned food, making our beans from real, dried pintos beans and mixing up our own delicious jalapeno cream cheese sauce (fundido) by hand.  If those images don't get your taste buds drooling, how about adding a frozen margarita made with top shelf liquor to go with a nice, hot meal? 

From our experience, people still want that 'from scratch' cooking and we here at Top Shelf pride ourselves with giving that taste of home with every meal.  For over 40 years we have been giving the Valley of the Sun quality Mexican comfort food at affordable prices.  We hope we have another 40 years of bringing family and friends together for a great dining experience.