Lunch Specials

Lunch A

Red or Green Chili Burro, enchilada style, served with beans…

Lunch B

Burrito filled with ground beef, lettuce, cheese and tomatoes. Covered…

Lunch C

Cheese Enchilada topped with sour cream, served with beans and…

Lunch D

Cheese Enchilada & Beef Taco Served with beans or rice.

Lunch E

Top Shelf Chimichanga. Choice of chicken or beef, topped with…

Lunch F

El Pollo Grande Chicken Burro topped with green sauce, melted…

Lunch G

Beef or Chicken Enchilada Served with beans and rice.

Lunch H

Two Tacos – Beef or Chicken Served with beans or…

Lunch I

Beef or Chicken Taquito Served with beans and rice, guacamole…

Lunch J

Green or Red Chili Burro & Beef Taco, served with…

Lunch K

Cheese Enchilada & Tamale red or green corn . Served…

Lunch L

Bean & Guacamole Tostada & Beef Taco served with beans…

Lunch M

Spinach Enchilada with Green Sauce served with beans and rice.

Lunch N

Corn Tamale with Sauce, Chicken or Beef Taco served with…

Lunch O

Seasoned ground beef or hearty chicken, served over a bed…

Lunch P

Santa Fe Fajita Salad. Marinated strips of caramelized beef or…

Lunch Q

Two Fish Tacos- grilled or fried, served with beans and…

Lunch R

Fajitas. Marinated strips of beef or chicken sauteed with green…

Lunch S

Burro Fundido. Crisp flour tortilla filled with seasoned shredded beef…

Lunch T

Bean Burro Enchilada Style- Served with beans, rice and sour…

Lunch U

Chile Relleno topped with sour cream & green sauce. Served…