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About Top Shelf Mexican Food and Cantina

Welcome to the Family!

There’s a Top Shelf Mexican Food and Cantina in Phoenix and Peoria, Arizona. Both of our family friendly restaurants and cantinas offer the best Mexican food around. Our atmosphere is warm and inviting, so you and your family can make yourself at home. We have a lot of fun here, and we have over thirty years of tradition wrapped up in delivering what we believe is the best Mexican food in the Valley.

Great Mexican food starts with high quality ingredients and careful preparation. Our kitchen gets busy early every morning because we start from scratch every day making fresh salsa, boiling chilis for our signature homemade red and green chile dishes, slow cooking our lean cuts of beef and pork, and then pouring the broth off into our homemade sauces! Makes us hungry just writing about it!

We receive our tortillas fresh daily and our chips are cooked in canola oil just before delivering them to your table! No lard, just fresh, wholesome foods prepared from scratch in our fine Mexican tradition.

There is nothing like having a full house of folks over for a great Mexican fiesta, so come on over!

Thank you,

The Top Shelf Mexican Food & Cantina Family


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